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End of an EON: EON Magazine says "Farewell"

2013-03-13 - By CCP Eterne

The contents of this blog were written by Zapatero and CCP Unifex


Issue #030 of EON magazine, which we released as a digital publication in January, is going to be the last issue ever. In spite of continued efforts to reverse a trend of dwindling interest in our little publication, there just weren't enough copies flying off the shelves. We can debate the whys and wherefores until the end of time, but the simple truth is that after eight years of going where no magazine has been before, the adventure has come to an end. All good things, and all that...

Oh, but what an adventure it has been. EON was conceived when the death of print publishing was loudly being proclaimed and gaming magazines seemed to be dying with prompt regularity. Against such a dark background, the idea to devote an entire publication to one game (and in 2005 a comparatively small one) seemed ever-so-slightly insane, and yet in spite of all predictions - including our own wildest ambitions - EON managed to thrive for a good few years and survive a good few more. In that time we've been honoured to work within a community of gamers that has no equal, aiming to mirror its efforts so that we might do them justice. To them - to you - EON will stand as a lasting tribute that will persist - gathering dust perhaps, but immune to digital extinction - for at least as long as New Eden itself.

In years to come, may you pull an issue from the shelf, blow away the cobwebs and remember what EVE was once like. Until then, fly safe.


Editor, EON (ret.)

On behalf of the EVE development team and CCP, I want to thank MMM and the EON crew for their tireless work over the years bringing not only the EVE Universe into greater focus, but also exploring the wonderful and dangerous community that lives within it. Their work has given us at CCP a much deeper, invaluable understanding of who exactly we make this Universe for and the dry EVE humor the EON crew utilized provided many laughs as well.  They have been a tremendous part of our extended EVE family for all these years and we hope they Fly Safe.

--CCP Unifex, Executive Producer