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EON #003 advertising

2006-02-04 - By Zapatero

…And so our thoughts must inevitably drift towards the third issue of EON magazine, specifically what to print across each of those 76 silky-smooth pages that currently lay like virgin snow before us. Actually we’ve pretty much decided what will be in there; a lot of content is actually well underway. DC is on the case with a new Testflight. A certain Mr Shogaatsu is penning a new tale to chill the blood (and perhaps other bodily fluids) and we have a cover feature that will feature... Wait, hang on, I’m here to talk about advertising.

So, anyway, after trying out a more traditional (in publishing terms) method of allowing you guys to place ads last issue, where we had corp/alliances reserve ad slots via EVEmail, we think it best to return to the method we used prior to Issue#001, where advertisers were invited to enter their ads into a competition. We are returning to this method for a few reasons, the main one being that having a competition is fairer – since it’s open to all, not just those who got their EVEmail in early. It also means we can ensure a more balanced profile of ads. And it's a lot more simpler.

So then, if you, your corp, alliance, website, service or ego would like to advertise in EON#3, here’s what you must do:

  • Design your ad or get someone else to do it.

  • Email a draft of your ad to ads@mmmpublishing before 27th Feb.

  • On (or very soon after) 27th Feb we will notify you as to whether your ad is successful. We may suggest a few changes. We may not. If we do they will invariably be minor.

  • A little bit later (around 3rd March) we will require the final drafts of all the winning ads.

  • Winners will have to pay for their ads. Yes, while it may seem strange to insist winners pay for the privilege of winning, we need the revenue to pay the freelance writers of EON. The ads in EON#002 were 200m ISK per page, which totalled 1.2bn in ad revenue. That lot just about covered our wage bill. Since we’re not working a profit, the rates will stay the same (200m ISK per ad page)

The specifications for the final ad: A4 size, 300dpi, CMYK with crop marks and bleed. Please submit as a hi-res print-ready PDF. If you have any techie/design questions regarding your ad, the address to pester is ads@mmmpublishing.

Finally, and not wanting to dash any residual hopes that might be circulating, EON#001 is totally sold out. The last copy left the offices just as EON #002 went to press. If the trend continues we could be out of EON#002 by the end of March. Don’t delay, order your copy today.

Thank you for reading.