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Estimated 900 Billion ISK Stolen From Corporation

2011-07-28 - By Svarthol

9IZ-HU, PERRIGEN FALLS - Last Friday, BigMaman, long-time member and director of the Solar Dragons corporation, claims to have relieved her corporation of about 900 billion ISK in assets.

After more than five years of loyalty, internal quarrels within the leadership were the deciding factors for her to betray her corporation. Having had access to all corporation funds and assets, capsuleer BigMaman was able to deal substantial albeit temporary damage to the Solar Dragons.

In a message to the Interstellar Correspondents, BigMaman explained that after joining the Solar Dragons in early 2006, she quickly advanced to the position of a director and participated in numerous operations with the corporation.

BigMaman also said that besides combat activity, most of the time her duties included "organizational and administrative work, management of [the] corporation, logistics, capital and supercapital building, espionage", as well as "POS management (sometimes [I maintained] about 50 POSes alone)."

The decision to betray her corporation was made after her long-time close friend and CEO MACTEP, who had previously been a great comrade, decided to dissociate himself from Maman and follow a less amicable course; "he has decided to show me his power and specify me my place (without any reasons on that)." She noted that MACTEP had hindered her from using the internal forums as well as held back and/or strictly censored important information regarding dire problems within the alliance.

As for Maman's "compensation fee", as she likes to call it, she took 350 billion in liquid ISK and between 400 and 600 billion in assorted assets as well as some capsuleer associates the corporation had hired for her for approximately another 100 billion ISK. The quantity of supercapitals she might have stolen remains a secret.

Even though she claims to have stolen about 900 billion ISK, BigMaman believes the damage she caused is not that big compared to what she could have done. Maman would have been able to disband both SOLAR FLEET and SOLAR Wing and believes she would also have been able to incite a coup d'êtat against one of the leaders. However, she states she "didn't have any reasons to cause [...] damage to an alliance and the constructed system. [Many of the] pilots [were] my good friends till now (and they [don't all] condemn me)."

When asked how she felt about the consequences for the corporation, she said "Everything that I've taken away - will be easily restored, within 7-8 months or faster. I think - I have given a good lesson to the person how to correctly behave with people."

BigMaman also mentioned that there were many people who had contacted her to show their respect and admiration and that she already had received offers from other alliances that would be interested in her work.

Solar Dragon CEO MACTEP refused to comment, saying the situation was "banal" and that there would be "no sense to speak about it."

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