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EVE Account Management Improved

2011-06-16 - By Svarthol

The EVE Online Account Management site has been improved to reflect modern web design standards both visually and in terms of usability. The newly-deployed changes include a complete visual overhaul, giving a consistent look and feel to the site, combined with a choice of languages (German and Russian localization throughout) and drop-down links to all our sites, including EVE Online, EVE Gate and Support. Additionally, the log in process has been improved, and a record of recent account activity is available together with your transaction history.

Account Management has been further enhanced with newly-refined offer pages and services such as the PLEX Store, Buddy Program and reactivation offers. Valued services such as character transfer and ETC trading have been updated, and are always easily accessible via the header menu. The purchasing process has also been refined and made consistent across our products and services. This overhaul to Account Management is just the first step in an ongoing effort to enhance and expand your ability to access EVE Online products and services.

Your account security and data integrity continues to be our primary concern throughout this update. To provide feedback on the new system, please use this thread.