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EVE Central Intelligence Offers Capsuleer Information for ISK

2011-08-02 - By Svarthol

New Eden – A new agency has been opened that allows the search of corporation roster lists and capsuleer information.

Kronus Heilgar, founder of EVE Central Intelligence, explained that his website collects capsuleer information: “I type in a corporation name and it lists all of the members in that corporation. It is the end of the era of undercover alts sneaking into enemy corps.”

Kronus revealed that his inspiration came from "hearing stories" of pilots camping out in an enemy's home system, cloaked, to try and figure out exactly who was in the enemy corporation. He concluded that "if capsuleers were willing to spend hours on end camping out to reach this goal, they'd be willing to pay for an instant technological solution for it”.

The price for the use of the tool has been set at 40 million ISK, Kronus added, “payments can be larger or smaller, with the service access time calculated accordingly. The minimum payment is 10 million ISK”.

Dr Volt, diplomat for White Noise., said that she thinks "it will be a useful tool", and also stated that such a tool may be used within White Noise. in the future.

Expansion plans for the agency currently include the addition of employment records and "possibly" kill and loss stats.

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