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Community spotlight - Capsuleer battlestation contest

2019-07-30 - By CCP Clover

Hello, glorious Capsuleers,

Earlier this week, we announced a social media contest, where we asked you to share your impressive battlestation with us. We received an overwhelming number of responses and you should check them all now on Facebook and Twitter if you are looking for inspiration on how to pimp your own battlestation. This made it very difficult to select only one winner, therefore, we are happy to say that on top of the first prize we will also award consoloation prizes to the runner ups.


Dalton Miller
Prize: EVE T-shirt of their choosing and an EVE Backpack

Consolation Prizes

Kheiroplays __battlestatio__n is made only from recycled materials, which gives it a unique badass look and he can also brag about having it environmentally friendly. Prize: A oversized EVE mug
Daniel has enough alt accounts to make newer players scratch their head and wonder just how he manages to keep track of all those screens at once!

Prize: A over sized Eve mug

We are incredibly thankful for everyone who participated in this mini-contest. If you have some kick-ass artwork or any EVE related content that you want to share with us, you can always send us a message on Facebook, use the hashtag #tweetfleet on Twitter, or email us via

Fly safe