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EVE CS status report

2005-12-19 - By Svarthol

Reporting in from GM HQ, deep within the Polaris system, this is GM Arkanon.

We now have a few thousand cases in our queue, which is not too bad, all things considered. It's still bad, though and means that we can not answer everyone within our standard 24 hours first reply time. We are working hard to get the queue back to normal and we ask for your patience in the meanwhile.

Note that we will be sending out standard answers to some users, as there are a number of issues in our queue which have now been resolved, or are beyond our control. You can always answer such replies, if you feel your issue has not been properly addressed.

We would like to ask everyone to consider the following points, before they send us an email or file a petition:

1. Have I filed already?

If you have, your email will be in our queue and waiting for an answer. Please note that multiple emails affect everyone, as they have an adverse effect on our answering times. We are required to review each case, so when an estimated quarter of all cases in our queue are duplicates, we are really wasting a lot of time processing them. If you have filed more than one email, please log into your support account and close all but one. You can also monitor the status of your emails and update them with new informationthrough our website.

2. Is my issue relevant?

Please note that Customer Support can NOT answer your questions about why 'Red Moon Rising' includes this, but not that, why things were nerfed or boosted and so on and so forth. All general commentary on the patch, welcome though it is, should be posted on the forums.

We have been through worse before and I hope we can count on your understanding now, as we have in the past. Rest assured that we will do our very best to answer your ingame and petitions and emails as fast as possible.