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EVE Forum Revamp

2008-10-23 - By Svarthol

As we announced in a Dev Blog a while ago, we planned a forum revamp with the goal of making communication easier. This revamp included merging some forums, creating some new forums and removing other forums. Today those changes have been carried out with the exception of the EVE Technology Lab which will remain although the original purpose have changed to player created tools, applications and the EVE API.

It may take some time for some of the changes to take effect and due to some changes it may be a bit confusing at first. If you had a thread that has disappeared due to these changes, for example if the forum no longer exists, please contact us by creating a petition in the Other Issues - Forums category. Please include a direct link to the thread in question if you have one, otherwise you have to include as much information about the thread as possible to help us find it. The name of the forum, the name of the thread and anything else you can remember would be very helpful.