EVE Launcher deployment on May 21st | EVE Online

EVE Launcher deployment on May 21st

2013-05-21 - By CCP Phantom

Rejoice Capsuleers as the EVE Launcher will be upgraded with new features on May 21, 2013.

This update will be performed automatically as soon as you start your current EVE Launcher. The main change is a new and improved landing page; you will now log into EVE Online using our SSO (single sign on) service.

We’ve also included a new self-update mechanism in the EVE Launcher, which will make the update process for the EVE Launcher itself more reliable and allow us to deploy more updates as we work on improving the flow into the game.

In addition to these features, we’ve worked on a new version for the Mac which should also be deployed soon, which brings much closer parity between the Windows and Mac EVE Launchers, with a new embedded browser and low level tweaks to the EVE Launcher.

We welcome all constructive feedback in the related forum feedback thread.