EVE Online: Holiday Celebration Trailer available now | EVE Online

EVE Online: Holiday Celebration Trailer available now

2012-12-19 - By CCP Gargant

The thirteen Icelandic Yule Lads have been a thorn in the side of all Icelanders for centuries: stealing sausages, scraping the bottom of pots, licking spoons, and slamming doors to make life miserable for people during winter. In this trailer, their latest victim turns out to be someone they should not have messed with and it will be the biggest mistake of their lives. The video is available here.

Despite their trickery, the Yule Lads are an okay bunch as proven by the gifts they bring for everyone. Their next gifts for EVE Online players will arrive on Thursday the 20th of December, so warm up your Laufabrauð, make sure Window Peeper is not watching you, and get ready for the holiday cheer!

For further information on the infamous Yule Lads, we present to you this picture drawn by Icelandic artist Hugleikur Dagsson. More of his work can be found here.

A terrifying group of brothers, if there ever was one.