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EVE Online: Rubicon Has Been Deployed!

2013-11-19 - By CCP Falcon

EVE Online: Rubicon, the 20th free expansion for EVE Online, has been successfully deployed!

Rubicon brings the rebalancing of a number of ship classes, along with a whole host of new features including four new mobile structures, new ghost sitesSisters of EVE faction shipsplayer owned high-security customs officeswarp acceleration changes, the Interbus Ship Identification System, a new character selection screen and improvements to the fleet interface.

Please check the Dev Blogs page on the EVE Online Community portal for recently published and upcoming blogs regarding the changes deployed today. You can also check out the full patch notes here for an in depth look at today's deployment, and enjoy the trailer here.

Please also be sure to update your overview settings in game to include the new deployable structures, in order to avoid any confusion during combat.

Please report any issues with Rubicon in this thread; a thread for general feedback is available here.