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EVE Online turns teenager! Happy Birthday New Eden!

2016-05-06 - By CCP Falcon

Another year, and another epic chapter written into the history books of the living work of science fiction that is the EVE Universe.

In New Eden, today marks the thirteenth anniversary of the issue of the first commercial pilot licenses for capsuleers. Back here on Earth, today marks the thirteenth anniversary of the release of EVE Online, and the thirteenth year in which our amazing community has continued to shatter every assumption of what an MMO should be.

Sure, there's been ups and downs, there's been controversy and space-drama, but despite conflict, war, metagaming, and the occasional bump in the road, the beating heart of New Eden, its lifeblood, still goes from strength to strength. The heart of everything in New Eden is our community, and what a community we have.

Today and over the course of this weekend we'd like you all to join us in a celebration of all things New Eden. In your redeeming systems you'll find a celebratory SKIN for your capsule courtesy of the Upwell Consortium, as well as festival launchers and fireworks for capsuleers across the cluster to celebrate both the anniversary of EVE Online, and maybe for those lucky few, the successful establishment of your first new cities in the heavens as more and more Citadels spring up across the cluster.

If you need assistance with redeeming items, please check out this knowledgebase article from our friendly Customer Support team.

You can read more about the 13th anniversary of EVE on EVE Updates, where you can find the Anniversary video blog from CCP Seagull, and the Anniversary Devblog from CCP Falcon.