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EVE Store Birthday Celebration

2005-03-18 - By Svarthol

It's time to put a candle on the cake and wish the EVE Store a Happy Birthday! It's hard to believe that the Store has been around for a year. In order to share the celebration, CCP is giving the players the presents.

From now until April third (no April Fool's Jokes here!), buy any of the t-shirts in the EVE Store and chose a second shirt from the following list for free!

EVE logo t-shirt
CONCORD t-shirt
Soon™ t-shirt
Quafe t-shirt
Heron t-shirt

Buy the Quafe shirt, get a Heron shirt for free! Buy a CONCORD shirt, get an EVE shirt for free! Just head on over to the EVE Store because this offer ends on April 3rd.