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EVE Symphony Stream

2020-04-24 - By CCP Convict

Hello spacefriends!

Today is a special day - the 24th of April 2020 is 7 years to the day of the amazing EVE symphony event that was held at Fanfest 2013 for EVE Online's 10th anniversary.

Now that our Sunday night streams have been occurring with some regularity, viewers have been suggesting ideas for things they'd love to to see on the stream. At the top of the list is a focus on the classic EVE music that we've known and loved for almost 20 years.

Given this timing for the symphony and the feedback from players, we figured it would be the perfect moment to revisit that amazing event and bring in some very special guests.

Joining us this Sunday, 26 April from 19:30 EVE time on CCP's Twitch channel will be:

  • Jón Hallur Haraldsson - composer of the original EVE Online soundtrack
  • Baldur Baldursson (CCP Oldboy) - EVE Online Audio Director
  • Kristján Guðjónsson - composer and arranger for the EVE symphony event

We'll be streaming the EVE symphony from Fanfest 2013. Before, between and afterwards we'll be talking to those involved to learn more about what went in to making the event a success and also the history of the classic music of EVE Online.

We hope we'll see you there!