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EVE: Templar One is now available

2012-01-04 - By Svarthol

The third EVE Online novel, EVE: Templar One, is available in stores all over the place including, of course, ebook versions.

It picks up many threads of the EVE: Empyrean Age novel and reveals much about the first DUST 514 technology including some surprising EVE fiction reveals. 464 pages of politically-charged, action-oriented, mystery-unraveling, character-driven sci fi goodness that's approachable and compelling and positively guaranteed to broaden your experience as a capsuleer as the NPC universe around becomes more familiar. We celebrate Tony Gonzales and the players that inspired him to write this epic novel and look forward to the evolution of this new technology he speaks of!

You can read more about EVE: Templar One at the above link or in TonyG's dev blog.