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EVE Time Codes

2004-09-25 - By CCP Hellmar

We have been extending our Game Time Card system to allow for codes acquired through other means than of the back of a scratch card.

We call this new system EVE Time Codes (ETC for short). These are basically a string of 16 characters, which you can use to add game time to your account. In the future such codes will be purchasable though various alternate payment services such as premium SMS, 900 numbers, etc.

While we work on finalizing those options we have added a way for existing EVE players to buy ETC through EVE Account Management pages (Go to "Account Services" once you have logged in). This is mainly thought of as a way to allow players to help their friends that don't have access to a credit card to play EVE. We have had several requests for an option to do this and we hope this solution achieves that.

  • Hellmar