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EVE TV Weekly launches the 23rd of June!

2007-06-18 - By EVETV Xyliana

Welcome everyone to the launch of the new weekly show on EVE TV. Some may have already heard rumors (or read in E-ON) about the return of what we started last year for the PvP Tournaments, however, now we've gone pro, the format has completely changed.

We've assembled a new team for EVE TV... well, not totally new. spiralJunkie is still the main man in front of the camera, but this time he has a sidekick who joins us in the form of StevieSG. Together they will present the news. Then there are three more new faces- FortunaFive, Fangtooth Kasumi and Beefy Fiddler who will be reporting from player meets and other events.

The now-weekly show will report on events in game and out. We will have player guests in the studio for discussion and we'll be putting questions to members of the Dev team from CCP. The first show features an exclusive interview with Hellmar, in which he talks about the recent allegations of misconduct and how CCP plan to set up a player council.

We'll also be turning up at player meets - whenever possible - filming with our new new presenters and interviewing players before they get too drunk (whenever possible). We'll have a full report from the June 7 meet, and have plans to appear at all future London events and others across the UK. When we've managed to tie down our schedules and get things running more smoothly, we hope to get in a shuttle and visit a few meets in Europe and beyond.

Of course the show won't completely be out-of-game. Much of what we want to get right involves you guys. We'll be covering news from in-game on alliances, the EVE economy, events and pretty much anything and everything our reporters manage to dig up. It's proving to be a time-consuming process gathering news and reporting on it correctly - as we knew it would be - but I'm sure once you've watched the first show people will get in touch to offer comments, ideas and leads.

Helping out behind the scenes are E-ON's Zapatero (actually I've managed to get all of the E-ON team helping out, building sets, making me tea and helping me carry expensive TV equipment), LoxyRider - who really has been a star, helping out with editing and FRAPS, and John Augar, who has been creating the intro to the show, and whose work you may have seen adorning the Testflight pages in a certain magazine.

There are dozens of other people who've been invaluable, who I'd love to mention here, but this blog would go on for ever. Needless to say a lot of effort has gone into setting up EVE TV in its new form, but not as much as you people put into EVE. As much as we're making a show about EVE, it is a show about you guys and what you get up to. And we can only get things right with your help and feedback .

The first show will be available to view at 11am GMT (downtime) this Saturday and a new show will be released at the same time every week The show will be pay-per-view, through the Jalipo service, but if you sign up and save your free 200 credits, the first show will effectively be free to watch. Hopefully, if you like what you see, you'll want to watch more. We're working hard right now to make it the best we possibly can, and to make each show better than the last. I hope you enjoy it.

New website is up //www.eve-online.tv


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