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Eve University Celebrates 6th Anniversary

2010-05-03 - By Svarthol

Aldrat, Metropolis - Recently, Eve University (E-UNI) celebrated its 6th anniversary hosting a streak of special events such as lectures, Q&A panels, combat tournaments and nullsec combat expeditions.

Founded on 106.03.15 by Morning Maniac, who recently appointed Kelduum Revaan as new CEO, Eve University offers training services to New Eden's capsuleers in an effort to provide them with the necessary skills to achieve long and successful careers.

According to Kelduum Revaan, over ten thousand pilots have passed through Eve University's courses since its foundation. Having once been the single largest corporation in New Eden, it now numbers about 1500 members.

Eve University's high rate of participation is achieved by providing students with free equipment such as Tech 1 ships, skill books and ammunition. "[This is] possible due to the way E-UNI is set up, with members assisting each other, and the vast majority of costs being paid for by donations we get from various donors all over the [New Eden]," explained Kelduum.

During the celebrations, Eve University has hosted guest lectures by well known personalities, such as Curatores Veritatis Alliance's CEO Aralis and BC Hastings, CEO of Privateer Alliance. BC Hastings ended his lecture with with what he called “the practical part of the class;” a surprise war declaration.

"After an interesting lecture... we received a new [war] notification from CONCORD," explained Dierdra Vaal of E-UNI, adding that the last two wars with the Privateers have been enjoyable and educational for both sides.

Eve University is mostly based in empire and low security space. Dierdra Vaal acknowledged that a colony in null security space would offer an interesting learning environment, but said "Because of the political and military intricacies... we've concluded that it is not realistic for us to offer such an advanced subject."

To provide a better learning environment and access to veteran pilots' experience, Eve University tries to maintain good relationships with as many groups of capsuleers as possible and Dierdra fears that trying to achieve a foothold in null secuirity space could ultimately have a negative effect on the University.

Ultimately, Eve University is a very proud corporation. Content with past achievements, the leadership is eager to raise membership numbers even further and improve the quality and density of the curriculum. Dierdra Vaal commented "Over the past year, we've seen great improvements in E-UNI and in our community. It doesn't look like we're gong to stop anytime soon."

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