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Eve University Deploys New Recruitment Policies

2011-01-26 - By Svarthol

Aldrat, Metropolis - Eve University [E-UNI] has put into place a new recruitment system ​which they hope will allow them to process applications in a much more timely fashion.

E-UNI has received more applications per week than they ever have in recent months, with waiting times for applicants rising from "3-5 days to 4 weeks and over" for the month of December alone.

Darian Reymont, Director of Personnel for E-UNI, admitted that the "old system simply wasn't designed to cope with current demand", and said they were forced to "adapt or risk damaging the University's reputation beyond repair."

The new system now sees applicants no longer having to endure an interview with a "recruitment officer" that could last up to 40 minutes. With applications now based more on a new questionnaire system, it has caused some concern on whether E-UNI is more subject to dangerous capsuleers entering their ranks. Azmodeus Valar, Director within E-UNI, admitted that it has the potential to be "more dangerous" but also stated that they "have also greatly strengthened security checks for access once someone is in the University", however she declined to go into detail about what these new security checks were, except to say they "have many people in the corp who are looking for infiltrators."

Along with these changes to recruitment, there will also be "video introduction" and "application guides" made available in the near future to help rookie capsuleers make their way in New Eden.

Despite the changes to the recruitment system, Darian maintains that E-UNI is still easily accessible to every capsuleer, claiming that "joining the University has never been easier then it is right now."

[editor's note: please be advised that Eve University is a wholly capsuleer run organization and any participation is at your own risk.]

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