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Eve University Director of Education Steps Down

2011-03-12 - By Svarthol

Aldrat, Metropolis - Dierdra Vaal, Director of Education for the prestigious training institution, EVE University, officially stepped down from her post on March 6th.

Dierdra has also served on the first, third and fifth Councils of Stellar Management as Councilperson, Chair and Vice-chair respectively.

As the CSM 6 candidate list is finalized, Dierdra insists that she has no current political ambitions and is not currently considering a future run for re-election. She has in fact, stated that the several years of leadership responsibilities had made focusing on her directorship an exacting challenge.

EVE University CEO, Kelduum Revaan, offered several notes of praise on Dierdra's behalf, even claiming that he fully understands "her wanting to take a break and some time to relax for a while". Kelduum also confirmed that he is temporarily fulfilling Dierdra's former duties whiile a replacement is chosen. Although he would neither confirm nor deny the identity of Dierdra's replacement, he expects the new Director to be named publicly on March the 15th, to coincide with EVE University's 7th anniversary.

Currently, Dierdra has not made any definite plans for her personal future, although she revealed that she intends to remain with EVE University while she considers her options. When asked if she had a favourite memory from her time with EVE University, she gave the following statement:

"It's hard to pick one particular fondest moment. Many times I've seen pilots join the university as clueless newbies and grow into pilots who command fleets or start their own corporations. Seeing that happen over and over is the best testament to the work of everyone at EVE University and shows the value of the organisation."

For the time being at least, Dierdra will retain the title of Professor Emeritus and will be readily available to advise the EVE University leadership, or lead the occasional course.

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