EVE Vegas Alliance Prize Draw Winner Revealed! | EVE Online

EVE Vegas Alliance Prize Draw Winner Revealed!

2014-10-13 - By CCP Falcon

Ladies and Gentlemen!

We are happy to announce that the winner of the EVE Vegas 2014 Alliance Prize Draw has been selected!

Congratulations to Get Off My Lawn on winning the draw!

Get Off My Lawn will enjoy exclusive access to the CCP Games EVE Vegas 2014 Panorama Suite at Planet Hollywood, for the afternoon and night of Saturday, October 18 (valid from Saturday, October 18 from 17:00 to Sunday, October 19 at 03:00) stocked with "adult beverages" complimentary of CCP Games, after being selected at random by CCP Guard, under the watchful supervision of CCP Ruffige and CCP Curtis.

We had 8 alliances eligible for the draw:

  • Goonswarm Federation (50 members confirmed)
  • Pandemic Legion (37 members confirmed)
  • The Bastion (20 members confirmed)
  • Get Off MY Lawn (15 members confirmed) <== WINNAR!
  • Brave Collective (15 members confirmed)
  • Overload Everything (12 members confirmed)
  • RAZOR Alliance (11 members confirmed)
  • Tactical Narcotics Team (10 members confirmed)

Get Off My Lawn should select a member of their alliance who will be attending EVE Vegas to contact CCP Falcon via EVEmail within the next 48 hours. This member will be responsible for claiming the prize and liaising with CCP Falcon at EVE Vegas.