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EVE Voice Feedback

2007-12-14 - By CCP Zulu

Now that Trinity has been released we've been monitoring the usage numbers of EVE Voice. We have to say that we're pleasantly surprised with the large number of players that have embraced this latest addition to EVE.

We're now moving into a second development cycle with the new tools and we want to get your input on what we should focus our energy on. We've already decided that channel prioritization, where if someone speaks in the fleet channel he will sound louder than people speaking in squad channel, will be implemented Q1 2008, but we have to set a course for what more to do. Therefore we're looking at you, the day-to-day users of EVE Voice, to tell us what it is that you want to see implemented.

A few things that we've been looking into doing:

  • Channel Positioning – set your fleet commanders to sound through the right speaker and the rest of the fleet to sound through the left one. If you have surround setup, you have lots of options.
  • Client side recording – record your alliance council meeting, fleet ops (for fraps) or drunken Saturday night singing sessions.
  • Rolling buffer – Missed what the fleet commander said? Instead of asking "What did you say? Lock and engage or jump and run?" you could just re-play his last voice message.

So what would you like to see? Are there some UI improvements that would increase functionality? New features? New commands? Let your imaginations run wild (ok, maybe not too wild) and let us know how you would like to see EVE Voice progress.