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EVE: War for New Eden campaign is live!

2024-01-24 - By EVE Online Team


The Kickstarter campaign for EVE: War for New Eden is going live! From 24 January to 21 February, you’ll have the limited-time opportunity to support the campaign and secure a special copy of this epic new board game.

Created in cooperation with Titan Forge, EVE: War for New Eden features game pieces of incredible craftsmanship. Choose one of the four empires to lead into strategic combat in the EVE Universe, and explore the boundless possibilities of intergalactic warfare.

Why support the campaign now?

  • You’ll get the Kickstarter version of the game at a better price than at retail.

  • Pledging now means you’ll get the limited edition Kickstarter version of the game not available for standard retail purchase.

  • Kickstarter exclusives include an exciting free add-on to seriously enhance your gameplay. This pack contains tokens for minerals, planetary materials, components, and more! Post-campaign, this add-on will only be available as a separate purchase.

Expand your empire, build your economy, fly epic spaceships

EVE: War for New Eden lets you develop factions and choose from a broad spectrum of developments to invest your research tokens in. Use strategy to keep your plans hidden until you reveal completed advancements and catch enemies off guard. Every game is an opportunity to surprise and invent new paths to victory.

Uncharted solar systems are waiting to be explored and vast stores of resources are yours to claim – if you can seize them. Expand your territory and build economies on a galactic scale to establish dominance.

The best part? You can enjoy your game straight from the box thanks to its streamlined setup. The modular, interconnected map frame holds the game universe steady and secure so you can settle in for a cosmic clash to remember! Experience the 4X like never before.

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