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EVE’s been challenged!

2022-06-13 - By EVE Online Team

Constructive Capsuleers,

The EVE community has been challenged! The players of Star Citizen have the pilots of New Eden in their sights, and we need to respond with... LEGO® bricks!

The EVE team adore LEGO® – many of us built our first spaceships from the plastic bricks long before New Eden was brought to life. When we saw the Star Citizen team share an amazing LEGO® custom build from their community, we couldn’t resist playfully suggesting bringing a LEGO® Venture to the party.

Within minutes, our space friends (and bitter rivals!) on the Star Citizen team issued us a challenge.

Of course, we accepted. How could the EVE community not step up to prove who puts the most passion into building out their fleets?

The challenge is on! That means it’s time to see who uses LEGO® to build the most amazing spacecraft from EVE Online or Star Citizen. All you need to do is think about which ship seen in New Eden you might want to reimagine in LEGO®.

And, yes, to any Star Citizen players reading, you are allowed to build an EVE ship if you want. __But if you want to submit a Star Citizen creation then check out their side of the challenge. __

The challenge runs from 13 June-to-27 June. To enter, once you've picked your ship, you can build it physically using your own bricks, or digitally with the official, easy-to-use free software LEGO® Studio, which lets you build using an endless supply digital bricks. If you go with a physical build, you only need to submit a photo using the hashtag #battleofthebricks. Digital builders, meanwhile, just need to submit their LEGO® Studio file to communityteam@ccpgames.com

There will be prizes for the best photo submission, but if you are a physical builder, we’d encourage you to recreate your model in LEGO® Studio - because only entries that come in as a LEGO® Studio file will be eligible for the grand finale live build event.

Why enter? Most importantly, we need to triumph over Star Citizen’s players! This is a challenge to see which community can do the best, most creative, innovative things with LEGO®. And what better prize could there be than showing which spacefaring gaming community is the best when it comes to building spacecraft? But there’s some actual prizes to be won as well.

Everything will culminate at a special finale event later this summer, where the EVE Online community team will off against the Star Citizen community team in a grand finale on Twitch. We’ll select the most impressive three digital EVE submissions to take to Twitch – while our Star Citizen friends pick their preferred trio – and then build the best single entry from each community live on Twitch.

The top three builds our judges select as finale candidates will receive a year of Omega subscription and a ticket to Fanfest 2023. As the Fanfest in the year that EVE turns 20, you can be sure it will be an EVE community gathering like no other. And, of course, the top entry will be built live on Twitch, and become part of EVE history!

Meanwhile, three photo submissions will be selected at random, each receiving a stunning 3D printed EVE model.

As for which game community will triumph overall on the day? You’ll have to wait and see what happens.

As if all that weren’t enough, as part of the live streamed finale the EVE Online community team and Star Citizen community team will go head-to-head in some of the most ridiculous and excruciating challenges we can think of - and all for a good cause.

Extra Life is a fundraising program of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals®. The Extra Life community fundraises year-round to ‘Change Kids’ Health to Change the Future’. Donations go to member children’s hospitals to fund critical life-saving treatments and healthcare services, along with innovative research, vital paediatric medical equipment, and child life services.

Importantly, this challenge isn’t about who has the biggest LEGO® parts collection or the most experience with custom LEGO® builds. We’d be thrilled to see some EVE-playing master builders join the challenge, but we’re also looking to reward creativity, ingenuity and playful ideas.

If you can reproduce a cruiser in 10 bricks or less, perfect! Maybe you want to see what you can do using only the pieces from a single official LEGO® set? That sounds amazing! Have 100s of thousands of databased LEGO parts sorted meticulously? We can’t wait to see your creation!

See the full rules and guidelines here along with instructions on how to submit your entry.

All that’s left, then, is for you to pick a ship and get building! Just make sure ‘everything is awesome’!