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Evesterdam 2016 is this weekend - Join us in Amsterdam!

2016-11-08 - By CCP Guard

Evesterdam has held the title of worlds largest player run gatherings for a few years now and this weekend (Nov 12-13) it's time for another round!

The event, founded and run by CSM & EVE University veteran Dierdra Vaal, takes place over two days in a beautiful renovated theater in downtown Amsterdam. Everyone is welcome and tickets are available on their website here.

The programme is packed with good stuff, including presentations from players and EVE developers, and live Q&A sessions with the devs where you can pick their brains on anything EVE related.

This time CCP is sending Game Designers CCP Fozzie and CCP TerrorShark representing EVE and Valkyrie, along with Development Producer CCP Mimic and Data Scientist CCP Quant. 

CCP is also hosting a party for attendees on the Saturday night and providing demos of Valkyrie on Playstation VR, and demos of Gunjack on Saturday and Sunday.

As always there will be chances to win big prices during the event including fancy spaceships and PLEX.

Additionally every attendee will receive a Blood Raider skin for their Armageddon.

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