Exploit Notification - Standard Sleeper Cache Loot Timers | EVE Online

Exploit Notification - Standard Sleeper Cache Loot Timers

2014-12-11 - By CCP Falcon

We have identified an exploit relating to the Storage Depot loot containers in the Standard Sleeper Cache site that was released during the Rhea deployment on Tuesday, December 9th, 2014. This exploit causes the containers within this site to respawn loot an infinite number of times.

We would like to inform players that any abuse or exploitation of sites with this issue will be deemed to be in violation of the EVE Online EULA and Terms of Service. Players engaging in the use of exploits may face punitive action, up to and including temporary or permanent account suspension.

Please ensure that you refrain from any involvement in this exploit, and file a support ticket to contact customer support if you have any concerns or issues in relation to this announcement.

A short unscheduled reboot of Tranquility will be occurring at 00:40 UTC in order to address this issue. We expect Tranquility to be online and accepting connections again at 01:00 UTC.

NOTE: This exploit has been resolved as of downtime on December 11, 2014