Fan Art Friday - 5 October | EVE Online

Fan Art Friday - 5 October

2018-10-02 - By CCP Ruffige

This Friday, 5 October, there will be a celebration of EVE Online fan art across our social media channels! As well as sharing your creations throughout the day, EVE's Community Team selecting three post - one each from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - the creators of which will get 1 month of Omega time free, as well as a unique gift from the Reykjavik studio.

To enter, simply add* #EVEfanart* to your post on your own personal social media channel (along with any other hashtags you desire), ensuring that the privacy settings of the post is set to public and that the art you submit is your own creation.

You can post to as many social media platforms as you wish. You choose the format and the theme, so feel free to use stills or video, in-game or IRL material in your EVE fan art!

Any post submitted from Tuesday 2 October right up until midnight UTC/EVE Time this Friday 5 October, is eligible for a prize. The fan art itself can be old or brand new!

We will be sharing your fan art throughout the day on Friday and during that weekend, announcing the three selected pieces of fan art the week after.

Again, the #EVEfanart hashtag must be included in the post. Other hashtag suggestions; #EVEisbeautiful, #EVEisreal, #EVEonline, #fanart and #tweetfleet.

Image by @MorCorrin