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Fanfest 2009 and Child's Play

2009-09-04 - By CCP Navigator

During Fanfest 2008, the Community Team organised two events which were designed to raise funds for Child's Play, a charity of which CCP are proud to be a passionate supporter. With the help of the players, we managed to raise close to 1 million Krona for this very worthy cause. This year we have decided to double the amount of events for Child's Play, which will provide us the opportunity to raise more funds as well as providing some great activities for those attending Fanfest this year.

Players will be able to sign up for the Battle of the Bands or the No Limit Hold-em tournament on the day of registration. The Silent Auction is available to all participants during Fanfest 2009, and the Office Tour will be decided by the highest bid before Fanfest begins.

Office Tour - Take the big tour with our CEO!

The Office Tour allows a player and one friend to have a tour of the CCP office in Reykjavík before Fanfest. The tour takes place on the day before Fanfest officially opens, meaning the winner will have their tour on September 30, 2009.

Our CEO, Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, will conduct the tour and take players through the Game Design, Software, Operations, Art and Production departments within CCP and the winners will get a chance to see how EVE is created and maintained first-hand. Lunch in our canteen will also be provided, as well as some goodies during the tour.

You can bid for the chance to win this office tour by clicking on and submitting your bid. The minimum starting bid is $1,000. The closing date for bids is 00:00 GMT on September 25, 2009.

Silent Auction - EVE collectables have never looked so good!

This is your chance to get some cool EVE collectable items and also help kids on several continents to have an easier hospital stay. Every year we gather some cool and unique prizes which players can bid upon. In previous years we have had items like signed art prints, hand-painted ship models, EVE dog tags, mission designing and a lot more.

This year, the Silent Auction will follow the conventional description by having all bids displayed on sheets of paper up until the official finish time. To get your chance to win some great swag simply visit the Silent Auction stand on the ground floor and bid!

No Limit Texas Hold em Tournament - Nerves of steel and pocket rockets rule here!

The EVE PvP Tournament is not the only event that will allow players to flex their competitive muscle. This year we will host the first Fanfest Texas Hold-em Tournament in which players and Devs will battle it out to see who will take the honor of being the greatest player on the green baize. The format of the tournament will feature a buy-in of 3,000 Krona per player. To put this in perspective: that is about the same price as a bowl of soup or 2.5 beers. Players will be allowed unlimited rebuys up until the first break before the blinds go to 500/1000.

The tournament will start on the evening of October 1, 2009 at 19.00 in the Jita area with tables of 10 players. The blinds will be as follows:

50/100 - 10mins

100/200 - 10mins

200/400 - 10mins

300/600 - 10mins

400/800 - 10mins

Break - 10mins

500/1000 - 10mins

1000/2000 - 10mins

2000/4000 - 10mins

3000/6000 - 10mins

4000/8000 - 10mins

Break - 10mins (If necessary)

5000/10,000 - 10mins

10,000/20,000 - 10mins

Tournament organisers will be on hand to answer queries or settle disputes if any should arise.

We will have some cool prizes and medals available for the winner and first two runners up, but it should be noted that there is no cash prize for this tournament. All buy-ins are considered a donation to Child's Play.

Battle of the Bands - Get ready to Rock!

In association with Harmonix, we will also allow players to battle it out against other player bands and the CCP Dev team in a Rock Band challenge. Teams of four players can form with one lead vocalist, lead guitarist, bassist and drummer to play through some songs and really make Fanfest rock!

The event will take place over Friday, October 2, and Saturday, October 3, and will feature a panel of three judges who will rate the players on performance and showmanship. Spectators will have the chance to vote for their favorite performer through our "People's Choice Award," which will provide the performing musicians with some cool prizes.

The format will consist of a qualifying round on which players choose from a set pool of songs on medium difficulty. Teams who make it through to the semi finals will then face off by playing songs from a different set pool on hard difficulty. The final two teams will face off in a battle on expert difficulty to see which team really are the true Rock & Roll stars! It should be noted that the CCP Dev Team will have no prior knowledge of any of the tracks being performed so all players will be on a level playing field.

There are a great set of prizes available for the winning team including signed copies of the EVE Box Set as well as signed copies of Rock Band & Rock Band 2, T-shirts, EVE game time, medals and get the opportunity to join ROXOR on stage during the Fanfest party!

Entry fee for all participating teams will be 8,000 Krona (2,000 Krona per person).

The CCP Community Team are looking forward to seeing you all at Fanfest and we hope these new events will enhance your enjoyment of the event.