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Fanfest 2016 - Day 2 in review

2016-04-22 - By CCP Phantom

Fanfest, the annual EVE celebration in the land of fire and ice, continues to be to be awesome. April 22 is the second day of Fanfest and this time we had a lot of in-depth discussions, new details, roundtables, presentations and community interaction!

While a daily Fanfest live stream is broadcasting the excitement directly from Fanfest, we also want to provide a brief written overview with the most important news and announcements of the second day of Fanfest 2016!

But first check out the incredible Citadel expansion trailer and the review of day 1!

EVE: Citadel expansion trailer
EVE: Citadel feature tour
Upcoming Industrial Arrays

Capital ship revamp
We saw an in-depth presentation of the Capital revamps coming with the Citadel expansion on April 27. Carriers will be offensive ships now based on fighter damage and lose the logistical role. The new Force Auxiliary ships are the new capital logistic ships. Fighter gameplay has been revolutionized, you have a launch deck and control squadrons of fighters; each of the squadron can have different effects for you to activate. Dreadnoughts are revamped so that they are turret based damage dealing beasts. Additionally we will see a bunch of new capital modules (such as capital shield hardener, capital afterburner and microwarpdrives and more). Additionally, (faction) capital weapons will be able to use Tech-2 ammunition. 

New super weapons for Titans
With the Citadel release on April 27, Titans will get new superweapons which are mainly area of effect based weapons. The area there is not a static point in space though, but often a line. One weapon effect for example slashes across space and damages every ship that is between two points in space. Other weapons teleport ships that are in the affected area to a random spot in the solar system.

New capital NPCs
Mention briefly already in the keynote yesterday, we will see now Capital ship NPCs. These NPCs will appear in three versions (normal capital, commander capital, commander supercapital) in nullsec asteroid belts as well as in Sanctum and Haven anomalies. These NPCs will have bounties between 60 and 240 million ISK and drop new capital named module components and faction capital modules.

Warfare link changes - Summer and beyond
This Summer and beyond we will change Warfare Links so that they are actually fun and engaging to play (instead of just sitting around). We plan to introduce Area of Effect Links that are applied for a fixed duration. You do not need to be in a specific fleet position to make use of them.

Pirate faction capitals and supercapitals
We are planning to introduce rare, but powerful pirate capital and supercapital ships based on the various pirate factions. A first preview shows that they are indeed very powerful. Stay tuned for further information on this!

Rorqual changes - Summer and beyond
The Rorqual will be rebalanced later this year. It will receive AoE links, a defensive superweapon, and brand new, powerful excavator superdrones. Details and further information can be expected later this year.

Ship bumping - at maximum for 3 minutes
A small, but important change is coming. A ship will get into warp no later than 3 minutes after the warp was initiated, regardless of any bumping, as long as the warp engines aren’t disabled (warp scrambled, bubble etc.).

Project Discovery has been extremely successful
Project Discovery, the Citizen Science in EVE, has been extremely successful. Alone in the first 24 hours, we saw more than 460,000 classifications with 14,500 images reaching consensus. The Top 3 of the first 24 hours:

  • Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci with 98.2% accuracy and 1704 classifications
  • Bergmann with 96.48% accuracy and 1,137 classifications
  • Sup Mate with 92.73% accuracy and 1,193 classifications

Since the start of Project Discovery the EVE players have almost 8 million classifications! That’s incredible, especially when you consider that the combined work consumed already 34.7 years (which is the equivalent of 163 working years).

The House Tash-Murkon won the Amarr Championship and Amarr Succession Trials
In an intense Amarr Championship Final at Fanfest 2016 between the two houses Tash-Murkon and Kor-Azor, we saw Tash-Murkon emerging as the winners of the Amarr Succession Trials. Her Royal Highness Catiz Tash-Murkon is more favored by progressives and outward-looking elements in the power structure of the Amarr Empire, and now that her house won the Succession Trials, she will be the new Empress of the Amarr Empire.

Future of CREST
CREST enables the third party development community to create wonderful tools and apps. With the Citadel expansion we will see a unified CREST for both public and auth access. Beyond that, the future is even brighter! Future endpoints, which are currently under consideration, include corporation and alliance contracts, corporation fittings and access to control groups, and maybe even mail.

This has been only a selection of all the exciting news and interesting projects currently going on or being planned for the future. Watch out for more info!

You still have the chance to follow Fanfest live! Simply tune in to the live stream between 10:45 and 17:00 UTC on April 23rd and enjoy the stream!