Fanfest 2017 - Day 1 in review | EVE Online

Fanfest 2017 - Day 1 in review

2017-04-07 - By CCP Phantom

Discover the most important news from EVE Fanfest 2017 day 1.

Fanfest, the annual EVE celebration in the land of fire and ice, has opened its doors on April 6. Now, this legendary event is full in swing! Exciting news, expert discussions, crazy parties and more: Share your Fanfest experience using #evefanfest.

Don't forget to watch the daily Fanfest live broadcast (stream schedule).

New Intro video: "Birth Of The Capsuleer"
EVE Online - Between Fanfests (2016-2017)
EVE: Valkyrie - Groundrush Update Trailer

Exoplanet research within EVE Online
EVE players have already contributed to real scientific research by mapping proteins in human cells with Project Discovery. Now we expand the scope to the whole universe! Right inside EVE Online, you will be able to contribute to the exploration of our universe. By studying light curves from solar systems far far away, you’ll be able to identify new planets. Scheduled for this Summer!

New dynamic PvE: Blood Raider shipyards
Something big is lurking in the vastness of New Eden: Blood Raiders shipyards! Those shipyards bring new reactive and dynamic PvE content that is highly immersive. You can attack these enormous structures, but be prepared for a serious defense never seen before. You will face NPCs that react to your fleet composition, strength and tactics. When is this coming? This May!

Permaband on Rockband
Permaband, CCP's in-house music group, is coming to Rockband 4! This summer...everyone who owns Rockband will be able to download Permaband songs and play them at home. For free!

CSM 12
The Council of Stellar Management (CSM) is a player elected group that supports EVE developers with community feedback. Yearly elected, the CSM is valuable and important. This year, 31.000 players participated in the elections. This is an amazing increase of 40% compared to previous year! The new CSM 12 members are:

  • Jin'taan
  • NoobMan
  • Yukiko Kami
  • The Judge
  • rhiload Feron-drake
  • Vince Draken
  • Innominate
  • Suitonia
  • Steve Ronuken
  • Aryth


The Frigates of EVE Online: The Cross Sections!
A beautifully designed book about the frigates of EVE Online! This book contains incredible details and is a highlight for every EVE enthusiast. Amazing technical details and background information on 160 pages. All for you! Publication is this summer, June 6. A limited edition (1337 units) is also available. Pre-orders will be possible within the next days.

PLEX changes in EVE Online
We are going to revamp PLEX, making it easier to use and removing Aurum as second virtual currency. More details about the reasons, design and transition is available here and here

20 years of CCP
From a small, unbelievable idea that everyone said would be impossible to pull through to an internationally operating company that contributes 1% to Iceland's GDP. What a crazy journey for CCP! At Fanfest we also celebrate 20 years of CCP, yay! All this would have been impossible without the incredible EVE community and the amazing world of EVE Online. We have learned many lessons, and it was not easy all the time. Now, CCP is doing more than ever before, and we’re in the best place the company has been in ever.

Kyonoke Inquest
Following the ghastly events in EVE surrounding the outbreak of the deadly Kyonoke plague, we turn our eyes to Fanfest attendees for a solution. Thanks to Company P and their amazing efforts, Fanfest attendees will be able to decide the future events regarding this outbreak. Will everything get burned to the ground? Will the forces try to save lives and go for the scientific research?  Stay tuned!

Winter expansion for EVE Online
We are going all-in with the EVE Online winter expansion. Using all new capabilities (dynamic PvE etc.), we will create amazing new content in the universe. The heart of this expansion will be all about new content: New challenges, new rewards, new aspects of EVE to learn and explore in Empire space. Stay tuned for more info.

Future of EVE Online: Space colonization
We have the vision that you will discover truly new parts of the world. We are dreaming of the day that you are able to take full command of the ultimate tool of space colonization - space travel through star gates! We are building slowly towards this - but we will only bring it to you when we think it will be truly spectacular. This is our grand vision for the next several expansions for EVE Online. 

EVE: Valkyrie - Stronger than ever
EVE: Valkyrie, CCP's incredible virtual reality spaceship game, has been a massive success since its launch in March 2016. More than 88 years of game time have been played and 7 million ships got destroyed. Part of the success is based on the full cross-platform capability between all major VR platforms, multiple free game updates, constant game development, and amazing players. While this sounds great, the future plans for Valkyrie are even greater. CCP is committed! 

EVE: Valkyrie - Planetary combat with Groundrush
The next free major update, Groundrush, catapults EVE: Valkyrie to the next level! Fighter combat on the surface of a contested planet. Players will battle above, and below a former Minmatar research outpost. Expect tight tunnels, mountainous terrain, and cavernous underground spaces! 

EVE Gunjack and Gunjack 2
EVE Gunjack has sold over half a million times, and is the best-selling VR game ever! Gunjack 2 is a third-generation VR game for the Google Daydream platform. The development speed in this sector of the industry is truly astounding, and CCP is playing a leading role!

Sparc is the world’s first virtual sport, or vSport as we’re calling it. It will also be the first non-EVE universe game that CCP will ship - quite a milestone! In Sparc you aren’t a futuristic gladiator. There’s no backstory or lore.  In Sparc, you are you. Just like you are you when you pick up a tennis racket and step onto the court. In Sparc, your VR equipment is your sports equipment. Think about all the potential and possibilities! The best? Sparc will ship in 2017!