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Fanfest 2017 - Day 3 in review

2017-04-08 - By CCP Phantom

Discover the most important news from EVE Fanfest 2017 day 3. 

Fanfest, the annual EVE celebration in the land of fire and ice, has opened its doors on April 6. Now, this legendary event is culminating in an epic final! Exciting news, expert discussions, crazy parties and more: Share your Fanfest experience using #evefanfest.

New Player Experience
Last Winter, we have completely revamped the New Player Experience in EVE Online. The results have exceeded our expectations, the feedback has been incredible positive. Building on this success, we are going to improve the New Player Experience even further. Both, improvements to the user interface (a previous example for this is the Total Net Worth Indicator) and improvements to the underlying structure (help players finding their own purpose in the amazing EVE Universe) are on the roadmap. 

EVE Vegas 2017
The incredible EVE Vegas is the second largest player gathering after Fanfest. This year, EVE Vegas 2017 will take place in The Linq. With full CCP support this will be - as in previous years - a fantastic gathering. Parties, presentations, round tables and CCP developers - all in one go! EVE Vegas 2017 will take place on October 6 - 8. Tickets are available now!

EVE: Valkyrie - Roadmap
EVE: Valkyrie had an amazing start! More than 1 million clones get destroyed every month, and more than 57,000 carriers. We already had four major game updates, all for free. The future is even more exciting! In April, we'll get an incredible new, ground based map. Fight above and below an abandoned Minmatar research outpost on the surface of a planet. Enjoy additional wormhole environments, English subtitles, Steam controller support, and improved training. There is more to come in the future! Ships will be revamped with a focus on quality over quantity (more character, more progression and more meaningful choice). A better ship selection will remove barriers to fun. And the improved economy will provide genuine rewards, more celebration and more surprises! Check out the roadmap!

ESI - Third-Party development
Third-party development support is very important for the EVE community. With CCP's support of third-party developers, amazing tools and websites have been created. This, in return, has made possible the massive battles and exciting events in the EVE universe. Currently the team is fully focused on improving the relatively new EVE Swagger Interface (ESI). All you need to know as third-party dev should be the easy-to-use ESI! 

EVE Art - Recap
The popular Art and Graphics panel gave a review of past 12 months which brought new ships, amazing ship redesigns, the next level of ship skins, a new visual damage system and other improvements. We have seen new structures, brand new effects, completely new suns and a lot of shiny new things (and rusty Minmatar stuff). Thanks for keeping EVE as beautiful as it is!

Player gatherings wordwide
EVE Fanfest is incredible. And there are many more exciting player gatherings world wide! Here is a selection of upcoming events:

  • Finns on a ship
  • EVE St. Petersburg
  • EVE Northeast
  • EVE Downunder
  • EVE NT
  • G-Fleet
  • EVE Dublin
  • EVEsterdam
  • EVE London

Find out more on the excellent event overview site EVE Meet!

Kyonoke Inquest
Following the ghastly events in EVE surrounding the outbreak of the deadly Kyonoke plague, we had an amazing live event at Fanfest. Thanks to Company P and their amazing efforts, Fanfest attendees have been able to decide the future events regarding this outbreak. Will everything get burned to the ground? Will the forces try to save lives and go for the scientific research? There is HOPE!

Party At the Top of The World
Fanfest is only really Fanfest if there is a Party At the Top of The World! This year, as special guest, we have invited DJ Kristian Nairn (also known as "Hodor" from Game Of Thrones). Of course, CCP's own band "Permaband" delivers another of their legendary gigs! 

Charity events
The charity events at Fanfest - silent auction and charity dinner - have been a great success! Together the community has raised USD 13,600! This is amazing. The proceeds are going to Barnaspítali Hringsins – The Iceland Children’s Hospital. Thank you very much!

EVE Fanfest 2018
Fanfest 2018 will celebrate the EVE Universe and its awesome communities. But that is not all! Fanfest 2018 celebrates also the 15th anniversary of EVE Online! Fanfest 2018 will take place in Iceland from April 12 to 14. Reserve these days already!