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Fanfest 2018 Alliance Attendance Contest - First Prizes Awarded!

2018-03-01 - By CCP Falcon

A short while ago, we announced the Fanfest 2018 Alliance Attendance Contest.

The time has come to draw the first list of names. These are alliances who have ten or more members confirmed as attendees for Fanfest 2018 via Eventbrite.

  • 54 - GoonSwarm Federation
  • 37 - Test Alliance Please Ignore (TAPI)
  • 23 - Pandemic Horde
  • 22 - Pandemic Legion
  • 18 - Mercenary Coalition
  • 17 - Curatores Veritatis Alliance
  • 17 - Northern Coalition
  • 11 - The Initiative
  • 11 - Sixth Empire
  • 10 - Badfellas Inc.
  • 10 - Chaos Theory
  • 10 - Ivy League

Congratulations to all the Alliances listed! This group will have their alliance colors flown in Eldborg for the duration of Fanfest 2018. Be sure to check back on April 1st for the rest of the prize draws to see which Alliances win additional prizes!

Also, if you haven't already done so, declare your alliance affiliation via Eventbrite - Your alliance needs you, and is missing out!

Please be aware that there may be additions to this list next week as we total up fansite, EVE Media and Community Contributor passes and those allegiances are also declared.

More information on claiming Fansite / EVE Media / Community Cointributor passes will be made available tomorrow!