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Fanfest 2018 – Fansite, EVE Media & Event Organizer Access Passes

2018-03-02 - By CCP Falcon

As Fanfest 2018 approaches, we’re starting to form up the guest list for complimentary access passes.

Part of this process is gathering details of attendance from our Fansites, EVE Media representatives and Event Organizers so that we can issue complementary access passes to the Fanfest venue.

The process is going to be simplified a little this year and it will be on those who’re attending Fanfest from these groups to contact us and let us know they’d like to claim their passes, rather than us waiting on organizations to get back to us and not knowing if they’re attending.

If you’re the owner or organizer of one of the following groups, you can contact falcon (at) ccpgames (dot) com to be added to the Fanfest 2018 guest list:

  • EVE Fansite Program.
  • EVE Media Sites.
  • Player Gathering Organizer.

You’ll need to email from the address verified with your EVE Online account, and will need to include the following details for each of the two individuals who will be claiming the Fanfest 2018 access passes during registration:

  • Full real name.
  • Character name.
  • Fansite / Player Gathering / EVE Media Site affiliation.

In addition to this, some EVE Media sites will also qualify for one press pass that gives access to the Press area during Fanfest 2018. Media sites granted access to the press area will be granted these passes closer to Fanfest 2018.

If there are any questions regarding the process, you can also get in contact via the email address listed above.

Response times for questions and for access pass requests should be within 5 working days, and we aim to have this list finalized by Friday, March 23rd.

Looking forward to seeing many of you at Fanfest 2018!