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Fanfest 2020 – Player Speaker Submissions!

2020-01-25 - By CCP Dopamine


At the beginning of April, the frozen lands of Iceland will once again welcome capsuleers from around the world for three amazing days of EVE universe celebrations.

Are you coming to Fanfest 2020 this year and would like to share something fun or interesting with the rest of the community? Now is the time to send in your proposal and ask for a slot to speak at Harpa in front of the energized crowd.

Our main objective is to create a balanced program consisting of high-quality content that will resonate well with on-site attendees and players watching the event via live stream. To submit a presentation topic for consideration, all you need is to send an email to with [Fanfest 2020] Presentation Proposal in the subject line, and the following information included in your message:

  • Your main in-game character name
  • Your full name and contact phone number
  • A title and description for your talk proposal
  • A brief outline of your talk proposal (Feel free to submit more than one proposal)
  • The estimated duration of your talk (This can be anywhere from 15-45 minutes) All player speakers will receive a complimentary speaker badge for EVE Fanfest 2020, and a ticket to the legendary Pub Crawl. Those selected to present who have already bought their ticket will have the full value refunded.

The deadline to submit the proposals is Friday, 21 February. We will review the requests and get back to all players with an answer by the following Friday, 28 February, which should give everyone enough time to prepare a kick-ass content.

We are looking forward to hearing all of your talk ideas!

To find out more about Fanfest 2020 or purchase a ticket, please head over to the dedicated event page.