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Farming community on Intaki Prime involved in police standoff

2009-08-19 - By Svarthol

A group of several hundred individuals in a small farming community on Intaki Prime have barricaded themselves in varous buildings throughout the town. The group allegedly possesses large quantities of illegal weapons and explosives, collected over the last few days after group leaders heard of a memorandum indicating local land and resources would be auctioned off to Caldari megacorporations.

In a call to the press, Geerim Frein, one of the organizers of the small resistance, said, "We are proud to stand against the invasion, even if our government has already submitted to their whims. We believe we stand a reasonable chance, at least in town."

"We understand their opposition," said a spokesman for the local police. "But we have no choice -- these individuals are signing a suicide pact if they try to defend this area against any Caldari megacorp, and despite the changes we're anticipating, we still need to uphold local law. Most of the weapons they are accused of stockpiling are either illegal or stolen. We hope to open talks with the individuals, explain the situation in more realistic terms, and have a peaceful resolution soon."