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Fatal Attack in Orvolle, technicians suspect sabotage

2005-04-23 - By Svarthol

Stargate technicians are working overtime tonight in Orvolle, after the automated sentry guns failed to stop an attack on a Viator class transport ship.

In addition to their failure to engage, logging systems also did not catch the identities of the 6 ships which attacked and destroyed the Viator, although eyewitnesses say that the party consisted of a Helios, a Raven, a Stabber, a Vigil, another unidentified ship and most oddly, an Iteron class V industrial cargo vessel.

The failure of these 2 critical systems points towards sabotage as the cause. This however cannot be confirmed until the technicians have completed their analysis. The pilot who fell victim to the fatal attack is also being sought for questioning but officials are baffled as he disappeared mere moments after the activation of his clone.

Speaking in a press conference, the chief of security for Orvolle said, "these people are despicable, nomatter how clever they may have been in this instance we will find them. Violence and murder will not be tolerated here, nor anywhere else."