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Federal Defense Union to enter Alliance Tournament

2008-12-19 - By Svarthol

Orvolle - In a speech delivered yesterday from the Orvolle system, Federal
Defense Union commander Corbolia Palmezine issued a challenge to the
Union's pilots. Palmezine detailed a plan to identify the top
capsuleers within the Union, and grant them the authority to organize
a team to represent the union in the upcoming Alliance Tournament.

Palmezine recognized the immense challenge posed by the Alliance
tournament, but fully supported the decision to enter a team sponsored by the Federal Defense Union. "The Federation," she elaborated in an interview given following her call to arms, "is more than just a collection of ships and an array of planets. The Federation is an ideal. By sponsoring a team of 'independent' pilots who have volunteered to defend and strengthen the Federation, we remind the significant viewing audience of the Tournament that the Federation is still strong and still proudly championing our ideals of freedom and choice."

Tournament organizers confirmed that the Federal Defense Union had
secured a slot in the tournament, but had not yet declared the pilots
expected to compete.

Full details of the militia's involvement in the alliance tournament may be found here.