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Feednets Disagree on Kassigainen Incident's Causes

2006-11-06 - By Svarthol

Several Caldari feednets have in the past hour run news claiming that, according to information just received from inside sources at the Kaalakiota Corporation, the ongoing riots at Truiisu Station on Kassigainen IV are the result of “a planned revolt, instigated by double agents from competing corporations.” According to the information, the goal of these double agents is “the subversion of the Kaalakiota work force through incitement of anti-corporate ideals.”

Analysts from other networks have heaped scorn on the statement, calling it a “thinly veiled attempt” by the megacorporation to cast the victims of what looks like a major humanitarian incident in a negative light.

“If the general trends are anything to go by,” said Nielaus Oilien, economic analyst for Citadel-1, “then I think mass layoffs or grand-scale pay cuts are the likely culprits rather than any form of competing corporate ineterest. These allegations are frankly ludicrous.”

The Chief Executive Panel, meanwhile, has issued a statement claiming that “Kaalakiota have been in dialogue with us ... [they] have assured us that the problem is under control and is being handled.”

Latest unconfirmed reports from Kassigainen IV put the current death toll at just over a hundred people.