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Feuding clans turn to Tribes for legal rulings

2008-06-03 - By Svarthol

Following a ruling by the Republic Justice Department that left neither side pleased, Clan Karsirl and Clan Shakim have requested that a council of tribal leaders resolve their dispute.

Clan Karsirl (members of the Brutor Tribe) contends that Clan Shakim (members of the Krusual Tribe) have violated a trade contract, while Clan Shakim contends that the contract was invalidated by Clan Karsirl's failure to adhere to Krusual traditions. Though the dispute itself is relatively minor and fairly common within the Republic, it has gained wide attention due to both sides insistence on the case being heard in their own tribal courts.

The two sides agreed to go to the Republic Justice Department to decide the case's jurisdiction. The court, however, quickly ruled that inter-tribe legal issues fall under its own jurisdiction. While both clans have rejected the ruling, the Republic Justice Department has refused to alter its verdict.

In response, the two clans have made a public request to tribal leaders to convene a council and determine which tribal court has jurisdiction. While some tribal leaders have spoken out against the clans' refusal to follow the Department's orders, there are already discussions taking place to determine which leaders will oversee the case.

The Republic Justice Department has warned that any decision made by either the tribal leaders or the tribal courts will not be legally binding. Leaders of both clans have brushed off the warnings, claiming that their clans will abide by the rulings handed down by the tribes.