Fifth Alliance Tournament Rules Available | EVE Online

Fifth Alliance Tournament Rules Available

2008-01-03 - By Svarthol

The Fifth Alliance Tournament is rapidly approaching and the rules are now available for review and planning.

As GM Nova stated, there are a number of changes made to the rules so there is a more level playing surface. These changes include:

  • The most striking change is disallowing pirate implant sets. This will negate the huge advantage some high grade sets were providing.
  • Faction battleships have been reduced in price by 5 points. We should now see more faction battleships as well as tech two battleships.
  • The TotalHellDeath bonus has changed; or rather the requirements have changed, making it harder to get this bonus.
  • Maximum warp in distance has been shortened to 50km.

This Tournament should be the biggest and best yet. Who will claim bragging rights for this year? Get ready to watch and find out!

The Fifth Alliance Tournament, coming to your computer screen, Soon!