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Fighting Erupts in Curse As Newcomers Move In

2009-10-20 - By Svarthol

LJ-YSW, Curse – Tensions have risen sharply in Curse after Darkside. moved into Hale constellation. Local residents Kahora Catori spoke out on GalNet, claiming that Darkside. are invading their home to gain access to the Serpentis and Angel Cartel agents that occupy the area.

The Hale constellation already sees frequent and vicious engagements between allies, Kahora Catori, Panda Supremacy and Blade. and Gentlemen's Club and Triumvirate, among others.

Atropos Kahn of Kahora Catori gave his alliance's view on the new conflicts engendered by Darkside's arrival. "Hopefully, we can find some sort of political solution, but in the meantime we are counting on our [capsuleers] to knuckle down."

Darkside's spokesperson, Miracle, seemed confident that they could keep a foothold in Hale. "Although not all of our forces have moved, there [are] enough of us to dominate in Hale."

The fighting has been fierce with some alliances visiting the system just to seek combat; Gentlemen's Club is one such alliance. Their spokesman, Camaris said "I don't think Darkside. will last long. They are a strong force but not strong enough to run their own alliance and fight a force that has been living there for so long."

The arrival of Darkside. has certainly stirred a pot that was already boiling. Fighting has become intense in the Hale area and while Darkside. attempt to unsettle alliances like Kahora Catori, there are others, like Gentlemen's Club, who drop into the fracas periodically and engage all-comers. The area currently remains hotly contested with thousands of ships already destroyed in the ongoing battles.

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