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Fighting Lag: Faction Warfare Edition, Round Two!

2009-02-19 - By Svarthol

As you may know, we have been investigating the issue of lag in Faction Warfare for a while.

We have looked at the server side of this issue, and now we need to look at the client side. This means that we need you, the community, to help us. To get accurate information on what is going on with the client, we need information from users experiencing the issues.

The more people that help us with this, the faster and more accurately we can solve this issue. What makes it even better is that it is easy and fun to help out. This is what we need from you: We need you to run the logserver (easy), and participate in as many Faction Warfare battles as possible (fun).

If you want to help, please read CCP Soundwave's forum post for step-by-step instructions on what you can do to help us gather data.