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FIO Agents Conduct Fruitless Search for Terrorist Operative

2004-07-22 - By Svarthol

Acting on several tips, a squad of FIO agents this morning scoured the Crux constellation in search of UDI operative Henry Foudreal. Combing at least four systems over the course of two hours, the agents found themselves unable to locate the terrorist.

“We received a number of reports that he was docked somewhere in the Duripant system,” said Agent Joel Brouille, one of the presiding field operatives. “They all came from different enough directions that we saw reason to take them seriously.”

After conducting security sweeps of every station within a four-system radius, the agents departed the area empty-handed.

United against Decadence and Impurity, the enigmatic cabal allegedly responsible for numerous acts of terrorism in Gallente space over the course of the last few months (most notable among them being the attack on Quafe Ultra’s premiere party at the Rent-A-Dream Pleasure Gardens Complex in Elarel three months ago) have not released any statements recently. In addition, the absence of large-scale terrorism within the Federation in the past two weeks leads many to wonder whether the FIO’s unseen efforts have been bearing fruit.

Federation President Foiritan is nevertheless finding himself the victim of ever-more vehement attacks in newspapers, political journals and holovision news programs alike. Polls have indicated his approval ratings declining rapidly, and within Federal assembly meetings Senate motions are gaining more ground than ever in the history of his three-year presidency.