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First Eight Elimination Matches Have Concluded

2009-02-08 - By Svarthol

The first eight elimination matches of the day have concluded. After a short recess, the Quarter Finals will resume.

Contestants continue to fine tune their fleets in an effort to stay in the tournament. Faction cruiser fleets still dominate the matches in this tournament, but smartbombs and command ships have been playing pivotal roles as well.

Most matches have been close, and several underdog teams have taken the lead over their more tournament experienced opponents. Most notable for close matches was G00DFELLAS pulling a victory out of what looked to be a solid loss to Dead Terrorists in a very tense Abaddon versus Nighthawk standoff, which included a desperate smartbomb attack by the [G0DS] Nighthawk.

Against ALL Authorities' use of a cap transfer chain between four Rokhs was surprising, but did little to stop Cult of War from claiming total victory suffering no losses.

Match reports for the fights can be found here .