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First State Tower Destroyed by Federal Forces

2008-07-13 - By Svarthol

After a two day effort, Federal forces led by SSgt Sniper succeeded in destroying the first verified State Protectorate tower in the Villasen system.

The tower, deployed by the Secretariate corporation, was discovered on a routine recon sweep by Sniper’s corporation. The tower was determined to be of a research/invention type, and it was decided to remove the structure at once.

Stiff resistance was put up by State Fleet Commander Daniel Jackson’s force in two decisive engagements. With the defeat of the State fleet, Federal forces were able to successfully destroy the tower.

After the operation, SSgt Sniper said: "Thanks [to] all those that stuck with this for the last two days and saw it through to the successful removal of this invention [structure] from the Caldari. Every pilot stayed cool and focused and on task and we got this done with very minimal [casualties] and inflicted the loss of two whole Caldari fleets in the process."