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Fleet Coordination Commission Offers Uniting Front Against Nation Incursions

2010-12-06 - By Svarthol

Deltole, Sinq Laison - Sansha's Nation incursions have increased both in frequency and force since the end of last month. Sansha dropships removed large populations from Oruse, Serren III and Josekorn, while the collective efforts of opposing capsuleers successfully routed Nation forces from Deltole and evacuated Anyed VII and Antem IV and V before Nation forces could attack. One corporation, the Fleet Coordination Commision [FCORD] was founded to offer a fast and intuitive way for capsuleers to create and coordinate large fleets to oppose the Sansha attacks, whether they are members of large alliances or operate as independents.

Created in 04.112, when the first large Nation assaults began, FCORD arrange standings with any pilot who contacts them requesting access to FCORD defence fleets. Registered pilots can then find FCORD fleets instantly through their Neocom.

During the Deltole battle, while approximately 650 pilots were present at the scene, FCORD's leader Grideris said "The FCORD fleet only numbered about 85 at its peak" but went on to say that FCORD processes an average of 15 new applications each day, steadily increasing the numbers their defensive fleets can bring to bear.

An organised defence allows specific, strategic tactics to be employed by fleets opposing the Sansha. For example, earlier this year, Operation Bad Moon discovered that gravimetric disruption could be used to destabilise the wormholes Sansha fleets use to move to their target systems. "At Deltole, we had a full squadron of 11 ships all focusing gravitons at the wormholes," Grideris stated. "This made a massive difference to the number of ships that Sansha were able to deploy at once".

With Sansha incursions frequently occuring in low security space, many pilots prefer to work only with their own organizations or those they know well, but for those with no affiliations, Fleet Coordination Commission's system may well offer a way for one man or woman to make a greater difference. The fight against Sansha Nation is not expected to end soon.

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