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Flight of a Thousand Rifters

2012-01-01 - By Svarthol

Vlillirier, Placid - On the 17th of December, Marlona Sky undocked in a Moros dreadnought named Intigo with the intention of having it blown up.

Marlona, inspired by the event "Bring me the head of Kirith Kodachi", decided to throw an event with billions worth of prizes to be won by participants. The First Tier prizes, including a Vindicator battleship worth in excess of 1.1 billion ISK and a Proteus with five subsystems, were limited to capsuleers flying frigates or destroyers.

When interviewed after the conclusion of the event, Marlona had the following to say: "I really had no idea what kind of ships were waiting for me... I thought for sure it would be a tonne of battleships ready to melt my Moros fast, but instead I was greeted by a wonderful sight. A giant cloud of frigates and destroyers."

A final total of 153 capsuleers took part in the killing of the Moros, with five managing to get blows in on Marlona's capsule. Prizes were awarded using a complicated points system, with the top prize, the Vindicator battleship, going to Galactica789.

Galactica789 thought it had been a nice surprise to come in first and take the Vindicator, as he had initially thought he'd come in third. Points scored on three kills during the event, however, put Galactica789 far in the lead for the win.

Marlona plans a similar event for an unconfirmed date in the new year.

GalNet References

Flight of a Thousand Rifters announcement
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