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Former Nefantar holders attempting to become tribal leaders

2010-07-21 - By Svarthol

The vast majority of Ammatar who returned to the Republic to reform the Nefantar Tribe were commoners in the Mandate. They are now coalescing into the new tribal leadership. Among those former Elite who defected, however, are some who believe they should lead the tribe's rebirth.

"I was more or less a Holder in the Mandate," said Rafin Chorda, who was the owner of a large number of slaves during his time in the Mandate. "I know how to organize the masses, how to keep proper account of funds and manpower. I have experience in diplomacy and business negotiations. I've had to face down Amarrian Holders and Caldari businessmen. I am the right man to lead the Nefantar people."

Many of his fellow Nefantar are distrustful of Chorda, however. "He owned slaves," said Domash Kroil, a political opponent. "How can he face the leaders of other tribes? How can they not look down on him? The Nefantar would never achieve anything with men like Chorda in charge. We would forever be burdened by the dark treachery that those like him perpetrated against the Minmatar people."

Chorda is dismissive of such claims. "I was a kind and just master. I was less a master and more of a caretaker. I rescued abused slaves and rehabilitated them. I gave them proper care and attention. When the time came, I freed them with the help of the Elders."

Opinions from Chorda's former slaves are mixed. "He wasn't the best master I ever had," said one former slave of Krusual descent. "But he wasn't the worst, either. Can't say it'd be easy to deal with him on even terms now. Doubt I'd be too fair with him."

Despite people's generally low opinions of him, Chorda remains confident he can rise to the top of the Tribe's ranks. "I have enough supporters," he said, "who know that I will provide the best leadership the Nefantar can ask for. Some will always doubt me, but after I show my talents, many doubters will quickly come to realize how wrong they were."