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Forum Spam, Chat, E-mail and Malware, Continued

2006-10-23 - By Svarthol

UpdatedRecently, some phishing e-mails have been sent that look authentic, even to the point of copying the below news item! This next round of attempts asks users to log in to a link in the e-mail to verify their account information. Mousing over the link shows the URL to originate in the Ukraine, an obvious attempt to steal account information.

If a representative of CCP asks for you to verify information, you will be directed to // or a URL on the official site. Also, small number of unscrupulous users have been spamming different forum channels with a large number of posts, some of which include links to malware, such as keyloggers and trojans. Some of these posts have included such topics as hints or cheats for EVE, 'Want to Sell/Buy' posts in the Market section, etc.

If you see a post in a link, mouse over the link before clicking it. If you are unsure about the content on that site, DO NOT CLICK THE LINK! Even if you are sure about the content on the site, always virus scan any files or programs before running them on your system.

Please keep in mind this should also apply to any links seen in in-game, IRC chat, or e-mail. Account security lapses can spread further than simply to your EVE account, they can also migrate to such things as your online banking, Paypal or other financial options very easily.

Also, please ensure your virus protection and firewall software are up to date. There are a number of free programs of this sort available through MicroSoft, Norton, McAfee, and others.

If you see posts of this nature, please inform the forum moderation team by sending an e-mail to the Forum Moderation Team.