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Free huge map of New Eden with E-ON #012

2008-07-02 - By Zapatero

E-ON is about to reach a significant milestone, having passed its third year in operation, an event that will naturally be marked by the publication of a new magazine, #012, which is available for pre-order and will be mailed on July 4th. In celebration of this (and that of American Independence... or of the Philippines if that is closer to home) all buyers of the magazine will receive with their order a free poster of the entire Empyrean Age New Eden star cluster.

Veteran readers will remember that we gave away a galaxy map with our first birthday issue (which math tells me was two years ago), but this one is much more useful since it's been created by stellar cartographer Serenity Steele and can be used alongside the EVE Strategic Maps book (assuming you have that fine atlas of New Eden). Region names are included, with current outposts as well as Faction Warfare-enabled regions highlighted and security status colour-keyed. Also, region names reference corresponding page numbers from the book. You won't need the book to fully make use of the free map, of course, but with both at your fingertips total galactic domination is assured. ...Maybe. Actually, probably not. Still, it's a very cool map and also larger than the one previously given away with E-ON #004, at almost a meter in height (841mm x 594mm – 33in x 23in).

As for the stuff that matters (like, who would be shallow enough to buy a magazine just because it comes with a freebie?), inside E-ON #012 we have a report on the recent meeting between the Council of Stellar Management and CCP, for which I was lucky enough to be able to attend. We also have guides to fiction and the forums, a past, present and future look at mining, profiles of Goonswarm, Ev0ke, Curzon Dax and the second part of the ‘0.0 Thought Experiment’ where Julia Caesar, JRR Tolkien and Greyscale the red macaw meet up one final time to ponder the question of null-sec domination. There’s loads more too.

Quite a good issue I reckon. Did I mention that it comes with a free map poster? :P